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Since the day it was founded, it has been a successful solution partner by adopting the principle of satisfaction of the most special places and valuable couples. From special wedding invitations to boutique home invitations, it prepares personal designs with its professional team and realizes your dreams with all its specialization. and light systems, stage designs, stage artists, our invitation to the finest detail as the Sadi Events family with our Wedding Planner and Designer team to be an indispensable part of your special days.

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What We Done

Individual Invitations

Sadi Events Team, from the first step of your happiness to your full feelings, accompanied by all your details from A to Z, undertakes the responsibility of your most special moments, and it is carried out and implemented. Your dreams will lead to this color. Our team provides you with the spirit of your dreams to make this magical atmosphere happen. Sadi Events will guide you to make your most special moment perfect and enjoyable.

Other Invitations

Baby Shower Birth Room Birthday Kulis Decor Engagement ceremony Baptism Ceremony

Corporate Invitations

The Sadi Events Team will be at your side in all kinds of corporate activities such as meetings, conferences, congresses and dealerships of your company and will provide you with a service that suits you and your company's vision.

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What are our Happy Couples?

Yasemin 02.09.2018

Let me come to the comments of my magical night. Before me, my guests were so pleased that this was the most important criterion for me. Thank you very much for me every single one. Thank you for giving me an unforgettable and incredible night :))

Zuhal & Oktay 20.07.2018

You are the only one who can succeed at every moment "again" without hesitation and excite us like the first day.

Hazal & Soner 30.06.2018

Last night everything was really amazing! Thank you very much for all of you and all of your other team members. Thank you so much everything was even more beautiful than my dreams, and we have worked with you. Good thing you are!

Nevzat & Ceren 12.04.2018

Deniz Hanım I thank you very much but thank you very much very happy I'm sorry I'm so happy I'm so happy I'm very happy smile to your discipline I've given you so much effort I'm not going to say how I'm going to say I'm still unhappy with the words of a beauty that you can tell me I'm the only thing I can say 'good that' If you are good, we have found the opportunity to work together again I love you very much kiss your hands to your health

Ayşenur & Mehmet 26.01.2018

We offer our endless thanks to the Sadi Events company officials for a dreamy henna night.

Armağan & Sıla 05.08.2017

Dear Deniz Hanım, But I'm betting the opportunity to write a lot of our guests, but this morning. The guests of the wedding anniversary of the wedding venue and the perfection of the organization to fill their eyes even against the eyes of a beautiful day you've brought out our dreams have lived for another night. I'm writing with heartfelt emotions I'm in my eyes full of water in my work discipline and morality in many companies or organization companies should be studied as an example I think, in my opinion Is. All of Your Team in Your Leadership are Extremely Energetic Modest Moderate and End-of-Life Armagan And I'm Siınze Mi Arnnettariz.

Ceren & Nevzat 19.07.2017 Nişan

I'm very happy for you as well as my special day with my professional, friendly people I am so happy with my family day I'm very happy with my people. Tane Arkadasıma I recommend you I do not remember. I'm a moment before the Henna and again I'm in the Sabacy and Excitement of Working with You again. I would like to thank once again the Sea Lady and the Sadi Events Family That Thanks to the Preparations That Not Only Stress Is Not Even Stress, But Everything Makes It So Beautiful Without Interested In Anything

Merve & Mesut 09.09.2017

Deniz Ablacım, We have a phone with you but we are family. My Happy Moments. I've been doing so right with your eyes, my eyes never stay behind. I've Delivered Everything I Have Closed My Eye And Well. You Have More Happy Days. You are doing so well that you cannot compare with the pressure of you and the team. How Much I Want More Than The Owner Of The Invitation, The Most Interesting And The Most Thinner Of The Sadi Event Family, I Don't Jump Into The Sadi Event Family. Thanks to you, I could never say anything. Good Ki You're Above Sea, You're Good Ki Sadi Event ...

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